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  • What Not to Feed Schnauzers?
  • What not to feed Schnauzers? Diet and nutrition is perhaps one of the most crucial decisions you will make for your pet schnauzer as it affects their immune system, long-term health, condition of their teeth, vital organs, coat and even their lifespan. So observe and find out and choose wisely. What not to feed Schnauzers? […]

  • Is Chlorine Bad for Dogs?
  • Is chlorine bad for dogs? Summer season is right here and it’s time to go swimming! When it’s hot exterior, human beings are not the only ones that appreciate cooling out in a wonderful pool. Is chlorine bad for dogs? Lots of pet dogs love to cool down, play, and swim in the pool. In […]

  • How Do I Deal with My Deaf Dog?
  • How do I deal with my deaf dog? Hearing problems as well as hearing loss can happen in canines for a range of reasons. How do I deal with my deaf dog? Living with a deaf canine might be puzzling for proprietors that do not have the right devices and understanding. Most deaf pets can […]

  • Toxic Foods to Avoid
  • As a responsible Standard Schnauzer owner, you need to keep in mind that not all toxic foods and drinks are suitable food your Standard Schnauzer’s diet. There are many food items which, if your pet gets into, could cause it a great deal of harm, an unexpected emergency visit to the vet or much worse. […]

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