Is the Standard Schnauzer the Right Pet for You?

Compatibility of human and animal is very important when in consideration of a pet to bring home. Why it is vital is because human and pet need to be in tune with each other? Basically because you will both either have to keep up with each other or would have to mirror each other in terms of exuberance and love for action.

The breed you want to choose should be based on your personality type. If you are the kind of person who loves to explore new places, learn of new things, love the company of equally minded individual’s then the Standard Schnauzer is indeed one who would match your personality type.

The Standard Schnauzer is a breed which is easily bored with repetition and needs to engage in varied activities which not only gets it to exercise but also stimulate its mind.

The Standard Schnauzer’s nature is a combination of many things including a high-spirited temperament and absolute reliability. A person first notices the distinctly keen looks of the Schnauzer commenting on how some have a harder look to them than others. Some give off an air of being more serious, business-like and boldness. Others look a lot mellower and give off a sweeter aura about them.

Standard Schnauzer’s are lively animals whether indoors or out, showing impressive agility and athletic prowess. They love to play and they need regular exercise (just as we do!) and need a lot of space to run about to spend that seemingly indispensable energy.

Stimulate your Standard Schnauzer not only physically but mentally as well, because this is just as important to their wellbeing and wellness. Being innately intelligent canines, they need mind stimulation and this can be carried out through obedience and agility training and will satisfy its mental needs. This doesn’t only benefit your Schnauzer canine alone but it benefits the peace and order of the home too. A Standard Schnauzer left on its own will find its own recognizance and this will include the inspection of things and places you would not be too happy to deal with.

Most Standard Schnauzers will be aloof with and wary of strangers, however with correct socialization they are sensible beasts who are discriminating of who is a friend and who isn’t. A lot of Standard Schnauzers are aggressive when other canines of the same gender are present.

Standard Schnauzers are considered to be amongst the smartest of all working dog breeds and usually possess good decision making skills making them really good problem solvers. They are a persistent and strong-willed bunch, hence, start training them young to enjoy a life of absolute joy with them.

Training them young is vital because if not, they may dominate over you and the household. You will need to let them know early on who the boss is or bear with a demanding dog who likes to be in control. If given the proper early training using upbeat methods, many owners will realize they can lead the dog and find Schnauzers to be highly trainable. They are highly sensitive of your moods and enjoy being in close proximity with you as they watch you.

Now if you think you are ready for and want a canine companion who is sturdy, with a good size physique, one who is graceful and athletic, agile and elegant all at once, light on their feet and sensitive of your moods, a Standard Schnauzer could be the perfect canine to bring home.

If you want a dog that will mirror your active lifestyle and thrives on athletic activities, one who is a keen watch and guard dog that is completely loyal and utterly protective of its human family, then the Schnauzer is definitely one to consider strongly. If you are considering a low maintenance, overall healthy companion who is confident, bold, and vigorous and one who can learn almost anything you teach it, then the Schnauzer just moved up higher on your consideration list.

On the other hand, if you have no tolerance for frequent exercising, for a canines excited, exuberant puppy-personality, occasional aggression with other animals (especially those smaller than them) then you should probably continue looking because as mentioned earlier the Schnauzer has a penchant to be a pretty strong-willed canine and would need a take-charge sort of an owner.

Still want a Schnauzer, you say? Well then you can avoid the hard work by choosing to adopt and adult Standard Schnauzer. Not only will you be doing a great solid on your end, but with an adult canine you will probably have the advantage of becoming friends with a trained canine. A lot of Standard Schnauzers have proven themselves to be free of the negative traits of an untrained pup. However, if you are still in consideration of raising one yourself, then going to a reputable breeder is your only other avenue of choice. With all the correct papers in place and with guarantees to back up its health you know that you couldn’t possibly go wrong with this option.

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